Saku Mind


Our Journey

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world early 2020, and by March the Coronavirus had spread to the majority of the world. Countries enforced a strict lockdown protocol, forcing people to stay indoors. Mental health became a serious issue as people felt unease, stress, and confusion during the pandemic lockdown.

Over 900 people from around the world applied to take part in the CommonVC Coronavirus Hackathon (endorsed by the UK Environment Minister) to propose a solution for a “post-COVID” world. Out of the 400 people accepted, we found each other. We spent 3 months ideating on an app that people afflicted by the pandemic can use.

Our team is spread over 3 continents, 6 time-zones and 7 Nationalities. We have different skills, experiences, and personalities, but we came together with the goal of creating a better quality of life for each other and the planet.

What’s in a Name?

The Japanese Zen concept – Enso: the instantaneous moment where the mind is free to let the body create – resonated with us and what we wanted to provide users. Along with the loss in our connection to nature and plants, we chose the name Saku, which translates to “bloom” in Japanese.

It captures the spirit of our app, highlighting the importance to re-focus, energize, and make the most out of life. We want to provide users the space to explore themselves and the world, creating a better environment for both you and the planet, ensuring we can all bloom together.