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With Saku, let the earth heal your mind, body, and soul. 

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Saku is a new mental wellbeing app, promoting the healing benefits of nature for your mind and body.

Planet Impact Measurement

“Saku’s activities connect you with the planet and its wellbeing. Deeper connection with the environment helps you care more for our planet and find ways to make a difference”

Daily Mood Checker

Need a moment to reflect on your current state of mind? Our daily mood checker helps users visually understand a pattern within your moods and advises on how to improve them.


Your personalised Saku avatar shows how far you have come on your wellbeing journey. Collect elements from completing activities to nourish you and your avatar.

Bring your friends

Saku is a new endeavor to make wellbeing improvement a collaborative effort. Plan activities with your friends and help each other bloom.

Based on the 5 ways to wellbeing:

Connect, Keep Learning, Give, Take Notice, Be Active

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